Creating a Connected NHL Scoreboard

While the “industry” of connected products is still in its infancy, the infrastructure around it is growing rapidly. Fantasy Scoreboards, the makers of the first connected NHL scoreboard, realized that to make their IoT project successful, they needed to work with companies that understood the overall project initiative, and that worked together towards the same objectives.

Fantasy Scoreboards got started over a few beers between two hockey dads after seeing a Super Bowl commercial for the Budweiser Red Light.  They thought, if you could bring the goal light into the living room why not the whole scoreboard! Not knowing where to start they tore apart a Red Light to see what made it tick and landed upon the Electric Imp cloud enabled module inside.  After approaching Electric Imp, they were introduced to Macadamian and that is where the project started.

Project Details

Initially, Macadamian was engaged to help with project leadership and guidance, and provide high-level business direction. From there, Macadamian took over the entire technical program management and oversaw all third party partners/vendors for the cloud and end user software design and development work.

To obtain a new focus on hardware and manufacturing, Fantasy Scoreboards worked with Design 1st our hardware design and engineering partner. They assisted by designing the product look and feel, enclosure design, electronics, embedded firmware, and managing the manufacturing supply chain.

Macadamian and Design 1st worked closely during the overall (software and hardware) assessment of the previous prototype that Fantasy Scoreboards had built, and also throughout the whole connected product creation process. In only five months Macadamian and Design 1st were able to complete the user experience design and software development (cloud- ready) and a completely redesigned portable scoreboard that was ready to ship to market.

With the launch of their connected (IoT) NHL scoreboards, Fantasy Scoreboards has truly differentiated themselves in the marketplace. Customers receive an NHL game-like, real-time score experience at home. . Satisfaction is high with a fast out-of-the-box setup experience and convenient ongoing scoreboard management using a choice of iOS or Android companion app or Amazon Echo voice control.

Alexa Integration

Seeing the usefulness of the Amazon Echo for interacting with products in your home, Macadamian created an Alexa Skill to extend the capabilities of the connected scoreboard with voice interaction. The Skill allows users to pair their Amazon Echo with their Fantasy Scoreboard and perform many of it’s functions with voice alone.

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