The Connected Conference Room

Despite the allure of mobile and desktop booking systems, many people forget to sign-in, meetings run long, and rooms no longer needed remain booked. Facing these challenges ourselves posed the question, what could we do to make this experience better? There must be a better solution.

We teamed up with our partners at to solve this problem. Using already available consumer IoT products like the Philips Hue connected light bulbs, we leveraged Flow, an award-winning integration as a service, to connect all the pieces of the puzzle (Google Calendar, Hue Lights & motion sensor).

The User Experience

Here is a look at how we did it.

A busy indicator Hue light was installed outside each conference room to show if a room is available or not. Think of the red/green lights you see in underground parking garages telling you if the spot is free. This is an easy way to see if a room is free from a glance if you are quickly looking for a room to take a phone call.

Inside the room we have motion detectors to determine if the room is currently occupied. If the room is booked and unoccupied, the system waits 5 min then send the owner a reminder. The owner gets a second chance to claim the room and if it hasn't been claimed 10 min after the start of the meeting, it's released and becomes available for use by others.

An additional Hue light is used as an indicator in the conference room. This light slowly changes colour when the end of the meeting is approaching. The transitional lighting helps facilitators know when their meeting is coming to an end and when they need to wrap up.

Meeting running long? If the transitional lighting remains off, the room is free for continued use and the system will extend the booking in the calendar.

How We Leveraged Flow For This Solution

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